A MSSIAH by Gurmeet Mattu


A MSSIAH is a hard-hitting feminist play which looks at the Christ mythos. It is the 1980s and women gather from across the world at Greenham Common in England to protest at the US nuclear missiles based there. From amongst them rises a special one, Jessica, who swiftly gathers followers. They are women of all types and classes, showing both virtues and vices and all with different ambitions for themselves and their movement, but who exactly is Jessica and what is her message?



Jessica – A MsSiah

Donna – Her Mother


Her Disciples –

Petra – A true believer

Judy – A Manipulator

Jane – A stripper

Sandy – A hooker

Libby – A lesbian.

Bertha – A housewife

Jean – A housewife

Jemi – A housewife

Phyllis – A housewife

Martha – An air stewardess

Tammy – A business executive

Simone – A supermodel


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