A GHOST OF A CHANCE by Julia Swain


Beryl and Melvin run a failing West Country pub and embark on a scheme to attract more custom – paranormal weekends. A vague historical connection to real events is helped along by a huge helping of poetic licence and the guests (an animal clairvoyant, a sexist comedian in recovery and a know-it-all university student) start to see through the façade. As the weekend starts to unravel, so does Beryl and Melvin’s marriage culminating in an unexpected final twist. A full length production with a good modern helping of farce.





BERYL     A middle aged woman who still attempts to dress glamorously. Landlady of the Cock and Badger she has reached a stage in life where she is slowly becoming aware that she will never achieve her dreams.

MELVIN    A middle aged man and landlord of the Cock and Badger. He and Beryl married later in life after he had spent many years as a single man living with his mother. He has far simpler expectations of life than his wife.

MARY      A middle aged or older lady who is a guest at the hotel. She purports to be an animal clairvoyant but this is clearly a new skill for her. She is a little naïve on times.

RODNEY    A middle aged or older man who is a guest at the hotel. He is a retired comedian in the style of the sexist British standup comedians and struggles to use his verbal filter.

BETH      A woman in her twenties. A university student and guest at the hotel. She is studious and a bit of a know-it-all with no sense of humour.

BRIAN     A man in his thirties to forties employed by the brewery as a dray driver. He has spent the weekend trapped in the hotel cellar.



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