A DAME REMEMBERS by Bob Charteris


Dame Cecelia Coleridge is an aging actress who name has long since passed from public memory. She is determined to revive her career by coercion and a little blackmail. She asks her agent to get her on to the Graham Norton Show so she can get back into the sportlight.



Dame Cecilia Coleridge, an ageing actress

Eleanor Templestowe, her agent any age 40+

Ashley Coleridge, her niece, a PR guru, 40s

Henri Delacroix, a former lover

Harry Baldwin, a jack-of-all-trades. His voice and attitude change to match which member of the household staff he is playing.

Note: The agent can be played by a man, in which case the character’s name is Royce Templestowe.




Melville Theatre Company, Perth, Western Australia – February 2021




Stage Whispers (Australia) – Kimberley Shaw “Completing the evening is A Dame Remembers, written and directed by Bob Charteris – possibly his best play to date. Set in the stately home of elderly actress, Dame Cecilia Coleridge, we join her as she attempts to revive her static career with an appearance on the Graham Norton Show. Jenny Wrenn owns the central role, with elegance and self-assurance, Sharon Menzies is believable as Cecilia’s unfortunate agent, Tasha Jane brings credibility to niece Ashley, while Tom Rees gives gentlemanly conviction to former lover Henri Delacroix. Jason Crane completes the cast as “members of Cecilia’s household” in a particularly interesting performance. A well structured play with a lovely twist in the tail.”

Gordon the Optometrist – Perth theatre-lover who reviews almost every Community Theatre production. “Directed by Bob Charteris, he has chosen a wonderful cast that really got into the spirit of the script. The dialogue was written skilfully for each character. Jenny was outstanding as Dame Cecilia she lived every line, with her acerbic comments and great put you down lines. I can recommend this play to other groups; the Brits would love it.

Independent Theatre Association – Adjudicator 1 “At the end of the night coming to A Dame Remembers was a treat indeed, it was unexpected, funny, and entirely the perfect way to end the one act season. Jenny Wren did a fabulous job carrying the story as its lead, Sharon Menzies was great as the agent, and Tom Rees was solid as the love interest, However special mention to Tasha Jane who was stunning, so gorgeous as Ashley she commanded the room whenever she walked into it. Which brings me lastly to Jason Crane, who in a one act play came up with not one, not two but multiple characters each with their own characteristics, voice and walks! I was very impressed to see the level of detail that went into each incarnation of Harry and it was by far my favourite performance in the piece.

Independent Theatre Association – Adjudicator 2 “It is always a challenge for both a playwright and director to be the same, however, congratulations to Bob Charteris as the playwriting certainly had a wit to it and the audience were entertained especially by the perfect line deliveries of Jenny Wrenn playing the Dame. Well done to the rest of the cast of Sharon Menzies, Tasha Jane, Tom Rees and Jason Crane who effectively and convincingly played the important characters in the Dame’s life.”



Approximately 40 minutes



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