One stormy night in whilst keeping watch in Camelittle, Farsight (the blind lookout!) is approached by a stranger looking for shelter.

The Knights of the Coffee Table invite the stranger to their meeting, where it turns out they are discussing their lack of a purpose for a Quest.  In general conversation the stranger (just plain Sir) mentions he wished he had a characteristic to be named after, like the knights at the meeting. (Sir Leopold the Ladies Man, Sir Hamish the Hypochondriac, Sir Frederick the Fearless to name a few.)

Eventually it is decided that the search for a characteristic for Sir will be the quest that they all embark on, and they set off, accompanied by their blind lookout, and their mute minstrel Maurice.

A blizzard sees them take shelter in the Castle of the Sisters of Celibacy – a group of ladies who all regret their happy deflowering by the lusty Sir Leopold in days gone by.  The castle is about to be taken over by some fierce welsh marauders, and the Sisters and their guests team up to defeat them, and turn them into a Male Voice Choir, after a very comical lusty night.

With great character roles for twelve men and eight women this show is a romp through the Dark Ages from go to whoa.  We successfully used two women disguised as men the first time I produced it, although obviously the saucy humour plays better with men as knights.

The songs are easy to learn from the recordings, and were a huge hit both times we produced it – Sir Charles the Chaste & Sir Peter the Pious have a great duet, Mother Inferior sings with the men in “You’re Not Getting Nun tonight”  and Sir sings with the ladies in the anthem of the show “The Knight of My Life”, as an example of how the singing is shared around quite a bit amongst the characters.  Backing tracks are provided, so no need for the hassles of finding a pianist! Note – the show is not scored so no sheet music available.



M12 F8

Farsight the Blind Lookout


Chuckles the Executioner (who also plays his three brothers  Cartman, Jack the Eunuch, and Will – so four parts in all)

Sir Peter the Pious

Sir Nigel the Not-So-Bright

Sir Frederick the Fearless

Maurice the Mute Minstrel

Sir Hamish the Hypochondriac

Sir Leopold the Ladies Man

Sir Charles the Chaste

Alice Appletree (to be doubled by one of the Sisters)

Sir Norman the Narcoleptic

Sir Desmond the Depressed

Two corpses (to be doubled by two of the Sisters)

Catherine – Mother Inferior

Elizabeth– Sister Compost

Charmaine – Sister Quill

Mary – Sister Cholera

Edwina – Sister Gastro

Anne – Sister Foghorn

Isabella – Sister Tinnitus

Gwendoline – Sister G – String


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