A BELATED DATE by Brian Lawless


Two ‘senior citizens’, Colin and Frank have a day in Boulogne arranged with two ladies, they are going by ferry in Colin’s new car. Frank’s date is a ‘blind’ one. From the outset, things go from bad to worse.

This play tells the story of the day. And the night! There is much amusement to be had although none of it is for the four main characters! 

Factor’s that intervene along the way involve passports, ferries, supermarches, bad directions, bad food and rain (to name but a few). The frustration is immense.

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Colin  a widower aged 75ish

Frank  a long standing divorcee with an eye to the main chance aged 73ish

Jean  an attractive widow aged 68ish

Beryl  an attractive divorcee aged 66ish

A British Ferry official 

A French Ferry official

(The Ferry Officials could be played by the same person and could be male or female)

Post Office female employee  65ish but a bit doddery for her age

AA man – could be played by the actor who plays the Ferry officials (if male)

The ferry officials and the AA man could be any age and could be covered by one or two actors only.


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