A BAKER’S DOZEN by JJ Crossley


A rather inept Amateur Dramatic group is struggling to rehearse a Murder Mystery play, beset by a poor, cliche ridden script, a shortage of competent cast members, and the genuine deaths of some of the principal character actors.

The surviving cast members become embroiled in bickering, as the ruthless Director insists that they carry on with the production, regardless of the gradually mounting death toll, which also hampers the investigation by the Police Inspector.

Set in the present day, all of the action takes place in the actual theatre premises (or community hall), not just on the stage but within the auditorium, with some characters entering from the rear of the audience. The tediously long-winded ‘play within a play’ is set in 1939, prior to the outbreak of war, and takes place on the main stage.



LANCE COSGROVE: Middle aged AmDram actor, calm but superior disposition

ROBERT CARDWELL: Middle aged AmDram actor, warm hearted and likeable

GARY ARMITAGE: Younger AmDram scriptwriter, pedantic and annoying

MALCOLM CHAMBERS: Middle aged AmDram actor, cheerful and hearty

BERNARD DAWKINS: Elderly AmDram actor, confused and worse for wear

DUNCAN GENN: Young sound and lighting technician, cheeky and inattentive

GRAHAM JENKINS: Middle aged General Practitioner, professional and straight laced.

SANDRA COOPER: Middle aged AmDram actress, feisty and quick witted

SUSAN WALTERS: Early middle aged AmDram actress, attractive and caring

MELISSA BELLINGHAM: Young AmDram actress, meek and nervous

CLARISSA BUTLER: Middle aged AmDram Director, unscrupulous and manipulative

INSPECTOR WADDINGTON: Middle aged Police Detective, authoritative and scary

CONSTABLE WATKINS: Young Police Officer, keen but overshadowed

VERA: Elderly AmDram Stage Manager, reserved and downtrodden.



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