$5 DOLLAH, $5 DOLLAH by Serena Norr


Avon is a fast-talking hustler trying to sell bags in Chinatown to a faceless boss named G. Dale, a wannabe actress, now hostess from Texas, approaches his table with a penchant for bag-smelling. Avon invites Dale to the back alley to show her custom bag. She eventually follows and ends up at a packed nightclub where they take a moment to dance. Dale, however, is distracted and wants the bag that she was promised as Avon angrily takes her to the back. With a faceless boss watching, the stakes are high for Avon to do his job and sell the bag, or face the wrath of G.



AVON: 27-year-old bag seller.

DALE: 30ish-year-old New Yorker; originally from Texas.

VOICE: Can be played by a male or female of any age.



$5 Dollah, $5 Dollah received in world premiere as a part of The Players Theater Short Play Festival, produced by Be Bebold Productions in 2020. It was directed by Nicki Hesin. Rachel Ekstrand read the stage directions.

AVON: Max Herzfeld

DALE: Molly Parker Myers

VOICE: Molly Parker Myers



Approximately 15 minutes



Preview available here

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