2 TRUE FOR 4 by Herb Isaacs


This comedy uses the concepts from the Improv game, “shadow character”. George is African-American and runs an inner city community agency. Susan is Caucasian and is applying to work for him as an intern. Each has an alter ego character on stage who represents a parental viewpoint. The alter ego characters are each only seen and heard by the character to whom they are related. When George and Susan meet, there is an instant attraction, but the alter egos try to interfere with their relationship, expressing their own biases about it.



Susan Berg 27-30, Caucasian, highly educated, attractive

Alter-Ego Susan (In script as AES): Male, Caucasian, the voice of her father, tells it like he sees it (seen and heard only by Susan)

George Benson 35+, African-American, good-looking, combination of educated and streetwise

Alter-ego George (in script as AEG): Female, African-American, the voice of his mother, tells it like she sees it (seen and heard only by George)

NOTE: To make the play work, George and his alter ego character (Mother) must be African American; Susan and her alter ego character (Father) must be Caucasian. The alter ego characters are mother and father age; the main characters are younger.



Approximately 9 minutes



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