12th NIGHTed by Patrick Thomas McCarthy


On the 12th day of Christmas, your true love brings to me, many kinds of pasta, one butler braying, and one golden ring. Updated to 1960’s Little Italy, NYC, USA, this 12th NIGHTed is shot out of a Shakespearean confetti cannon of sexual confusion, double sets of twins, and families trying to stick or get back together. A farce of epic proportions mirroring the Bard’s Twelfth Night.



Orson Argento: middle aged businessman, Cesario is his personal assistant, Antonio Alberto Argento is his twin brother, one actor could play both Argentos

Antonio “Tony” Alberto Argento:  middle aged businessman, Vito is his muse, Orson Argento is his twin brother, wears glasses, one actor could play both Argentos

Viola/Cesario Vitale:  Viola/Cesario is Orson’s personal assistant disguised as a man, has a brother twin, Vito Vittorio Vitale

Vito Vitale:  Viola’s twin brother, wears identical wig as Viola/Cesario, wears identical costume as Viola/Cesario, same height as Viola/Cesario, wears glasses, Antonio’s muse

Olivia Ruttate Earnrighto: middle aged entrepreneur, head of the family, widow grieving for her dead husband Earnesto Earnrighto

Francesco “Frankie” Assisi: personal assistant to Olivia Ruttate Earnrighto

Toby Ruttate: the black sheep of the family, brother to Olivia

Maria Theresa D’Assolvere: the Italian maid

Mel Volio: the butler, middle aged, handler of personal correspondence

Festay/Festina: a la Harpo Marx, third veiled serving man/woman, musician, handles all sound effects, underscores some scenes onstage, uses horns, whistles, chimes, bells, percussion, stringed instruments to punctuate onstage action [Festay/Festina can be cut if all sound effects & music are recorded]



Please read about the production and its history here – https://12thnighted.weebly.com/



Please read reviews of the play here – https://12thnighted.weebly.com/about-12th-nighted.html



Approx 125 minutes



Preview available here

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