Jacal Theatre Company is a Welsh performing arts company based in Swansea.

Premiered the following scripts at The Swansea Fringe Festival – October 2019

FURY by Giles Armstrong

A THOUGHT by Max Porter

A BREAK by Max Porter

CONTACT: info@jacaltheatrecompany.co.uk


Founded in 1983, Thurgoland Thespians is a small amateur dramatics group that works through the Thurgoland Village Welfare charity. It was created to provided community entertainment and is a popular group with local youngsters wanting to gain confidence by working in the Theatre.
Every year, any additional revenue raised, over and above their nominal working budget, goes back into the Community towards the upkeep of the Village Hall and other community buildings that iare kept in Trust for the Community.
The welfare charity and the Thurgoland Thespians are both run entirely by volunteers and illustrates how small community theatrical groups are able to not just survive, but prosper even under the most difficult conditions