Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Smith Scripts is pleased to offer you a selection of editorial services to help you ensure that your script is up to professional standards before you submit it to us and make it available to potential buyers.

These services are offered by our partner organisation Wordcraft, which is run by Joe Laredo. Joe is a Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (www.sfep.org.uk), which he joined in 2004. He is himself an experienced writer, having had seven non-fiction books and seven translations (fiction and non-fiction) published. He has also written a dozen stage plays (two of which are available from Smith Scripts) and two radio plays, and written or co-written five screenplays.

Wordcraft is offering the following bespoke services to Smith Scripts writers:

Service A: Formatting

Your play will be put into the standard Smith Scripts format (see information on Script Submission Page) so that it looks the part.

Cost: £5 per thousand words

Service B: Proofreading

Correcting mis-spellings and ‘typos’, tidying up grammar – except, of course, where you mean it to be wrong, e.g. in dialogue – and sending you a list of things to check or decide on (e.g. whether or not Colonel Blyth-Wiggins should speak entirely in Cockney rhyming slang).

Cost: £10 per thousand words

Service C: Copy-editing

As Service B plus:

  • Liaising and agreeing with you on the things that needed deciding on (see above) and applying these decisions to the script so that it is consistent throughout.
  • Drawing your attention to aspects of the script that might be improved, including dialogue, characterisation, stage directions, set, structure, plot or style. This will be done via marginal comments, which, where possible, will include suggestions as to how improvements might be made.

Cost: £15 per thousand words

Service D: Critique

If you’re unsure whether your script is up to scratch, Wordcraft can provide a detailed written critique, taking into account characterisation, plot, dialogue, visual impact, audience appeal, etc. This would include the comments of a professional, published playwright associated with Wordcraft.

Cost: £100 for plays up to 10,000 words; £150 for plays over 10,000 words

For further details of these services, please contact Joe Laredo directly on 07974 696589 or by email at laredo.joseph@gmail.com.