by Joe Laredo


A one-act comedy on serious themes.

When dark secrets surface, what better way than to laugh them off?

Bruce would rather not be celebrating his 40th birthday but Ann has invited all their old schoolfriends, some more welcome than others, as well as one or two “extras”

As skeletons emerge from cupboards, appearances are defended and friendships put to the test.



M4 F5

Ann* 40s, inherited money but chose ‘trophy’ husband

Bruce* her husband, 40s, athletic-looking, once the school Golden Boy, his
image now tarnished by injury, age and infidelity

Carol* 40s, sweet but plain, gullible and naive, though no fool

David* 40s, well dressed, educated and spoken but plays the charmer to cover
his attachment to a wife who restricts his sociability

Elaine 30s, shallow and hiding her unhappiness through predatory
behaviour and alcoholic overindulgence

Frank* 40s, scruffy and loudly sociable, his lewdness concealing a dark secret

Gill* his wife, 40s, a kept woman who puts a public gloss on a disappointing

Helga 30s, seductive, devious and possessive

Ian 40s, smart, sober and apparently ‘correct’

* Were at school together



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