by Tom Kelly



Emily, Ruth and Lizzie are three sisters in their seventies. They re-unite to celebrate a family wedding, when secrets have them re-examining their lives.

The play is set today


Emily          Dominant and displays little empathy, particularly toward Ruth.


Ruth            Living alone and not coping. She is happy to live in the past and has become increasingly forgetful. Her warm and caring character is in stark contrast to Emily.


Lizzie          She has never married and has had responsible jobs but has never found love and feels increasingly lonely.



45 MINUTES approx.


Three Devoted Sisters won the Bede Playwriting Competition and Nottingham and Nott’s Drama Association Playwriting Competition.

‘A Chekhovian comedy, the wry humour of which is obviously dependent on the idiosyncratic characters, and in which the final resolution is the only possible satisfactory ending. The characters are very well drawn with very good dialogue, which is not only in characters (one is never in doubt as to who is speaking) but which follows the line of the speaker’s thoughts rather than sticking to a straight story line, so giving the scenes the feeling of something happening in real life rather than being contrived.’

David Campton

Extract from Adjudicator’s report at Nottingham Playwriting Competition


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