by Gavyn Lugsden

The Wizard of Oz (the Pantomime) has been Gavyn Lugsden’s most popular script for hirers. This simple yet amusing version of the original tale has all the ingredients you would expect from the classic story, but with some clever additions and adaptions to work as a Pantomime.
Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin-man and the Lion (not forgetting to-to) on their trip down the yellow brick road to visit the great wizard of Oz (with a quick stop at the Pie Factory)!
This version would suit casts of around 8-15 adults and 5-10 children, however parts can be played by young and old alike.
To-to is a dog puppet which needs to be adapted to ‘wee’ on command.
The pie factory is the slapstick scene, which could get messy!
Although this script has no obvious dame part, a man could play the Witch, Glynda or even Dorothy to add a new dimension.

Preview available here

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