by Garry Bailey


The classic tale of good versus evil and love conquering all is told here in traditional panto-style. We join the celebrations of King Rudolph and Queen Ravia (dame) as they are about to christen there baby the Princess Beauty.  Only to be interrupted by Carabosse, the wicked witch who curses the babe to die on her 18th Birthday by pricking her finger on a spindle.  The script moves swiftly through the years, including a hilarious haunted bedroom scene to its ultimate denouement which sees the heroic Prince George give his Princess fair true loves kiss.  Cast of 16 principles including a Dragon or two!! 



Fairy Queen

Fairy Nuff     

Fairy Liquid

Carabosse – The wicked fairy

Grunge – her henchman

King Rudolph

Queen Ravia

Princess Beauty

Prince George

Sir Tenly Knott – An ancient knight

Muddles – The court jester

Nurse Bunty Biddle – The nursemaid

Toot – a palace herald

Squeak – another palace herald

The Dragon & son



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