by Richard Hills



In The Magic Kingdom, Jack and Jill enter a wood where they find Red Riding Hood, a wolf, Goldilocks and three bears and Edna, the two faced Witch. They also come to a village which is in the Kingdom of King Arthur.

Sir Lancelot was sent to take Queen Guinevere to Gwed, but was attacked by a Giant Tin Man, employed by Edna. When he recovered he found that Queen Guinevere was missing and so returned to tell King Arthur.

King Arthur sends his Herald to The Black Mountains in search of Queen Guinevere. He then decides to go himself with his yeomen when he learns that Edna may be the cause of all the trouble.

They all have lots of adventures in the Black Mountains, and it is only when they find Merlin, everything is put to right and Edna, The Witch is banished from the land, and Queen Guinevere is found, They all return to The Magic Kingdom, and Merlin helps Jack and Jill to leave the wood.



JILL                                          Principal girl

JACK                                        Her boy friend

MARIA HOOD                        Little Red Riding Hood

EDNA                                        A nasty Witch

MARTHA DEWDROP           The Dame

SIR HUMPFRY DOWN-IN-THE-DUMPS                     The village Squire

PUDDLES                                King’s Herald and boy friend of Maria

KING ARTHUR                      King of Camelot

MRS HOOD                             Maria’s mother

SIR LANCELOT                     King Arthur’s Knight

WOLF                                       Inhabitant of the woods

GOLDILOCKS                       A villager

FATHER BEAR                      Friend of Goldilocks

MOTHER BEAR                     Friend of Goldilocks

BABY BEAR                            Friend of Goldilocks

QUEEN GUINEVERE            Wife of King Arthur

KONDOR                                 A Giant Iron Man

MERLIN                                   King Arthur’s Magician


CHORUS of villages and Yeomen

JUNIOR DANCERS as Elves, Pixies, and Snowflakes

SENIOR DANCERS as villagers




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