by Richard Hills


Loosely based on the story by Victor Hugo, the gentle Quasimodo is put upon by the cruel Minister of Justice and kept in the Bell Tower of the Notre Dame Cathedral. His life changes when the gypsy girl, Esmeralda, also seeks refuge from the tyrant Frollo.  Phoebus, Captain of the Guard falls in love with Esmeralda, and in the end defeats Frollo. Other characters are, Fe Fe, the owner of The Jolly Frenchman Pub, who falls in love with Gringoire, a travelling man. Marguerite, a dancer, who falls in love with Clopin, the King of the Beggars, and Yvette, the owner of the Baker’s shop who eventually marries Quasimodo on condition that he only rings the bells on Sundays.  A real musical treat and something different for the coming season, which has done a number of performances.


1ST Gargoyle                 Part of Bell Tower

2nd Gargoyle                  Part of Bell Tower

Claude Frollo                Nasty Minister of Justice.

Quasimodo                     The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Fe Fe La Large              Proprietress of the Jolly Frenchman

Gringoire                       A Street Actor

Yvette                             Owner of Ye Olde Bread Basket Shop

Clopin                             King of the Beggars

Esmeralda                      A Gypsy Dancer

Marguerite                     Daughter of Fe Fe

Phoebus                          Captain of the Guard

Chorus of Street Urchins, Carnival Revellers, Townspeople, Beggars, Soldiers and Dancers



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