by Gurmeet Mattu


Ghosts in the Park


The small play-park where old tramps, Matt and Sam, like to hang out is under threat as the council think it is under-used with children preferring to play computer games. Determined not to lose their sanctuary, the two old guys come up with some improbable reasons why the park should remain.

So, where are the ghosts? Well, it could be William Shakespeare who might have written one of his sonnets on the site, or even the Park Pervert who was known to molest people in the area.

A mixture of madness and the importance of green spaces in the urban environment as Matt and Sam face up to Cllr Wilma Hope and her council sidekick, George Square, while on the sidelines are community council leader, Penelope Jameson and her park attendant boyfriend, John Grant.

This play was premiered in 2016 by Yorkhill Theatre Group.



M4 F2

MATT MASON – A old gent, of indeterminate age, with a trampish look

SAM MCGUIRE- Matt’s friend and confidante.

JOHN GRANT – A park warden. In his 20s. Working class, salt of the Earth.

GEORGE SQUARE – The man from the council. In his 30s. Shifty.

PENELOPE JAMESON – A middle class lady in her 30s. A frustrated spinster.

WILMA HOPE – A town Councillor, in her 30s.


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