by Garry Bailey


The Curse of King Rhamitup! – One act of Lunacy. By Garry Bailey.

(With apologies to Round the Horne and any amount of Carry On films!!)

The family gather at the ancestral home of Uppham Hall, to hear the reading of the last will and testament of the late and much loathed explorer Lord Septumus Grope.

However one by one they fall foul of the Curse of King Rhamitup; the pompous Colonel Scratchit and his lisping daughter Virginia, her beau the Hon. Freddie, the perverted centenarian butler Grunge, the late lord Grope’s Mistress Madame Von Schlapitt and the fearsome apparition that is Great Aunt Agatha.

But all is not as it seems as one family member is out to inherit the lot, but will they succeed or will they finally succumb to the deadly curse of King Rhamitup??


Grunge – The Contrarian Butler and noted Pervert

Colonel Sir Horace Scratchit MC

Virginia – His Daughter

The Hon. Freddie Ponsonby – Virginia’s Intended

Lady Agatha Dangle – His Aunt

Appassionata Von Schlappit – Lord Grope’s Mistress

The Mummy



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