by Gurmeet Mattu



The Case of the Missing Footballer is an affectionate Sherlock Holmes parody. Set in the present day where they’ve been sent by the dastardly Professor Moriarty, Holmes and Watson are set the task of finding the missing football player, Kenny Baxter, by his manager, Alex Busby. Can it have anything to do with the Rovers’ upcoming final with United? Or perhaps it has something to do with jealousy within his own team. Could his WAG, Cynthia La Crème have anything to do with it, or is it because of the deprivation routine he’s had to suffer to rediscover the glory days of football?

A pugnacious Watson, a Mrs Hudson with a penchant for fusion cuisine, a Holmes who plays the banjo rather than the fiddle, all your favourites are here and you’ll never guess whodunit.


M6 F2



Sherlock Holmes – A Detective

Dr Watson – His Companion

Mrs Hudson – Their Landlady

Alex Busby – The Rovers’ football team manager

Tom Balfour – A football player

Bobby Ellis – Another football player (played by same actor as Tom)

Cynthia La Crème – A WAG

Luis Montoya – A Spanish-born football player


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