by Joe Laredo



Shooting Game dramatises the true story of Randall Adams, wrongly accused and convicted of murdering a policeman in Dallas, Texas, in 1976, as the forces of law and order distort reality and create their own truth.

This play is linked with SHOOTING RAPIDS – two one-act plays based on true events that use the same actors and can be performed successively or separately



RANDALL ADAMS                   27, with thick, curly hair

RON                                        about 30

DAVID HARRIS                       16, with short hair

EMILY MILLER                        about 40

SANDRA MILLER                    her daughter, about 8

EDITH JAMES                         attorney, about 40

GUS ROSE                              police detective, about 55

TERESA TURKO                     police officer, 20-25

2nd POLICE OFFICER             man, about 45

3rd POLICE OFFICER              man, 20-55



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