by Giles Armstrong


Almost Eighty Years before, In a far off country, an Englishman committed a terrible crime. As a last resort, the descendants of those who suffered approach a group of money launderers trying to get redress. It is just what the launderers need; something to spend their ill gotten gains on, and quickly.

But – after so long, no-one can remember what the crimes were, and the guilty man is long dead, leaving no descendants,

Yet – all is not lost: in Milton Keynes dwells the great-grand daughter of someone who, it can be proved, once shook hands with the aunt of the criminal. “She shall face the obloquy!”

Let the longest, most expensive and most corrupt lawsuit in History commence!



KESTER: a man of about 40

FRAN:       a woman of the same age

LANNA:     a woman in her early 30s

JOF:          a woman of 60


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