by Joe Laredo



Life and death – where do you draw the line?

Carmen has given birth, but no one will stand by her. Not the hospital. Not the police or the legal system. Not her uncle. Not even her mother.


Because the baby is dead.

Only José is ready to fight for her.

But he is alone …



Today, somewhere in the “developing world”.

Eighteen-year-old Carmen has got a job, but her mother, Maria, is apprehensive; her new employer is not a good man.

Carmen is undaunted, and when the mysterious José appears, she is both afraid and curiously excited.

But Maria’s brother Diego, a policeman, is looking for him and warns that new laws will affect pregnant women.

Carmen is anxious to tell José, but he already knows. It is what he has been fighting to prevent.

Catching her with a state enemy, Carmen’s employer threatens and rapes her, making her pregnant.

Unable to get help from the hospital – or her mother or uncle – Carmen sleeps with José, but the baby is stillborn.

The new law has been passed and Carmen is arrested for murder.

When Diego goes to tell Maria about the trial, he is confronted by José – and the life and death struggle comes to a head …



Carnen – young woman (c. 18)

José, a freedom fighter -a young man

Maria, Carmen’s mother

A Nurse

Diego, Maria’s sister, a police officer

Enrico Carmielo, a factory owner



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