by Valerie Goodwin


A woman looks back at her rescue from the Titanic

892 Words


F1 – Suitable for any age 20+



I was 12 when we took ship in Southampton, on the famous liner ‘R.M.S Titanic’, sister ship to the Olympic

It was her maiden voyage. 11 storeys high and as long as three football pitches

It was April 10th 1912

The white funnels with black stripes were seen first, towering over the rooftops of Southampton

The newspapers in America said:

‘Inside, the ship was panelled and chandeliered and marble floored. It had ornate and opulent staircases like Hampton Court, and every modern luxury; three ball rooms, squash courts, Turkish baths, carved wood and mirrors everywhere.

It was a palace, designed to appeal to the Astors and Vanderbilts, the Lords and Countesses who had summered in Deauville and Monte Carlo.’

My father was a missionary in India and joined us in Michigan later.



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