by Garry Bailey



Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas abound as we join Lt Robinson Crusoe, His mum, his brother, his girlfriend and his Admiral on the search for Will Atkins’ lost treasure. However in hot pursuit is the immortal pirate Davy Jones and his side kick Bosu’n O’Reilly (oh really?)  There’s fun and thrills to be had as we watch the crew deal with man eating cannibals and a huge gorilla, plus we also meet the world’s only vegetarian cannibal, all under the watchful eye of Britannia herself!  Cast of 12 principle parts.



Davy Jones ~ A evil pirate, who’s lost his treasure.

Britannia ~ She really does rule the waves.

Mrs. Cowslip Crusoe ~ A fish wife, the Dame

Billy Crusoe ~ Her stupid son

Bosun O’Reilly ~ O’Really?

Lt. Robinson Crusoe ~ Our Hero

Long John ~ A sailor

Rum Tom ~ Another sailor

Admiral Sir Horatio Cornflower KG; KCB; DSO; DSC; BBC; ITV ~ it’s a funny way to spell cornflower.

Polly Perkins ~ His perky nice niece.

Friday ~ A Man about the Island.

Queen Watta-lotte ~ the cannibal queen.




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