by Joe Laredo



A musical with a message – for secondary-school children and adults.

If history was always this much fun, we might learn something from it …

We all know Pythagoras’ theorem, but what of his other ideas? When the world’s first philosopher tries to spread his vision of a universe ruled by order and logic among the heathens of Croton and the hedonists of Sybaris, he meets with some resistance …
Set in Italy in 510 BC and based on real people and events, Pythagoras – The Musical combines fact and legend with imagination and fantasy, seriousness with fun, to tell the story of Pythagoras and the (original) Sybarites.
When it comes to making the world a better place, things aren’t quite a simple as some people think …

Please note that the music for the songs has yet to be written. Performers are welcome to write their own



Pythagoras of Samos – a philosopher, about 60
Milo – a wrestler, about 30
Cylon – an ambitious Crotonite, about 30
Smindyrides – a wealthy Sybarite, about 30
Dite – a poor Sybarite, about 25
Sophia – Smindyrides’ cook, about 50
Chorus (a minimum of two people; four or more if possible) – double as    horses
Extras to act as soldiers in Act II Scene 5 if possible



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