By Dave Jeanes


The show is a musical; original music available from

It is the story of King David, adapted from the Joseph Heller novel, “God Knows” as well as several Bibles…

…yes, there is a giant…



SAUL                   First King of Israel


JONATHAN        His Son


ABNER                Captain of the Host


SAMUEL             A Judge


DAVID                 Second King of Israel


MICHAL              His First wife


ABIGAIL              His Second wife


ABISHAG            His Next wife?


BATHSHEBA      His Eighth wife


SOLOMON          Their Son


JOAB                    Captain of the Host


ABISHAI              His brother


NATHAN             A Prophet


ELIAB                  David’s brother


ABINADAB         David’s brother


SHAMMAH         David’s brother


AMNON               David’s son


ABSALOM          David’s son


URIAH                 Bathsheba’s First husband


SHIMEI                A Bigmouth



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