by Valerie Goodwin


A play with music based on the classic horror story by Robert Louis Stevenson. This adaptation is aimed at performance by younger people.

Running time 80 mins

Flexible sized cast – can be played by as few as 5 or as many as 25



Utterson, Jekyll’s lawyer and friend

Poole, Jekyll’s butler in Harley Street/ CraigLea Drive

Maggie, servant girl

Bridie, another servant

Dr Henry Jekyll, tall, upright,well built, solid

Edward Hyde, small, rat like, ‘somehow inhuman’

Enfield, nephew of Utterson

Dr.Lanyon, friend and associate of Jekyll

‘ girl’ a victim of Hyde

Sir Danvers Carew, respected MP and victim of Hyde

Mrs Grigson, Hyde’s landlady in Whitechapel/ The Grassmarket

Inspector Broad of Scotland Yard

Various lowlifes,servants,etc


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