by Alex Grainger

A Jukebox Musical



The story follows Jack who is accidentally transported back to the Eighties to the day his separated parents first met and sees an opportune moment to keep them together once and for all, forgetting that changing parts of ones future causes damage of a collateral nature!



Jack – Main protagonist who journeys back to the Eighties

Robert – Jacks Father who is a trainee fighter pilot in the Eighties

Janitor – A German Scientist who is the creator of the time machine. He is the Janitor on the Ship

Velma – Jacks ‘evil’ step mother in the present, A Shy Geeky girl in the Eighties

Beth – Jacks Mother, a burlesque dancer on the ship

Axel / T.W –  Roberts best friend/Jacks best friend, father and son who are both Werewolves

Olivia – Jacks Crazy Aunt who is a bit of a sex pest. Grew up in Brooklyn.

3-D (originated by Sam Quick)   A jock who wears 3-D glasses all the time

Mandonna – A drag queen in the Cabaret on the ship

Starcat – The bass player in the band ‘K.N.O.B’ who is dressed as a member of ‘KISS’

Tron – The Janitors killer robot

Minister – The minister at Robert and Velma/Beth’s wedding

Phoebe – Jacks girlfriend

Monica – Velma’s present day daughter who is a spoiled brat

Shirley Knots – A passenger on the ship

Jenifer Uingly – A passenger on the ship

Eric Schoen – A passenger on the ship

Samantha Buca (originated by Rachel Lacey) Another passenger on the ship

Barman – Take a wild guess



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