by Jonathan Edgington


Gender Fluid is a suffragette themed play set in World War 1. It examines political and social attitudes prevalent at the time, depicts life in London and on the Western Front (including a cameo of J B Priestley as a young man) and features an ingenious plot involving John Constable’s painting of The Cornfield!

Photo from when two scenes of Gender Fluid were workshopped at the Old Vic Workrooms by Scene Gym/Old Vic New Voices.



Alan:                           London East Ender (age = late teens/early twenties)

Beatrice:                    London East Ender (age = late teens/early twenties)

Edward:                     London East Ender (age = late teens/early twenties)

Sergeant:                   Army sergeant serving on the Western Front (age = any)

Private Priestley:      The writer J B Priestly as a young man (age = twenty-one)

Louise:                       Rich, upper class daughter of Beatrice’s former employer (age = early thirties)


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