by Jane Sunderland

When Dorothy Wordsworth discovers by chance that her beloved brother and fellow-creative William is planning to marry their long-term friend Mary Hutchinson, she is devastated, and tries to persuade William against the match. William tells Dorothy that nothing will change between them. Mary sees Dorothy and William embracing in a way which could be seen as more than just brotherly and sisterly and says she will not marry William unless he renounces Dorothy. To Dorothy’s horror, William agrees. Dorothy says she will move out of Dove Cottage. William cannot bear this possibility. Dorothy eventually gives her blessing to the match, but says that her feelings will never change. She does not attend the wedding. That night she hears William and Mary making love, and tosses and turns all night. The next morning she makes it clear that she is not planning to step aside, but Mary has her own ideas about this.

Running time – 60 minutes approx

M1 F3


Dorothy Wordsworth

William Wordsworth, Dorothy’s brother

Mary Hutchinson, their long-term friend

Annette Vallon, William Wordsworth’s lover from 9 years previously (can be played by actor who is playing Mary)


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