by Allison Savory


The pantomime is based loosely on the traditional story, however, this Dick, his mother and friend; Milo, meet up with Angelica and her dad, from an East End pub. There they find a treasure map but are overheard by King Rat and his rats. This sets them off to far off Islands and adventure.



DICK – principal boy (F).

MILO – Dick’s friend (an audience warmer character – M/F).

TIDDLES – Dick’s cat (M/F).

Mrs. W. – traditional Pantomime Dame; Dick’s mother (M).

ANGELICA – principal girl (F).

DAN THE MAN – Angelica’s father, an East End publican (M).

KING RAT – villain (M).

SPIT – King Rat’s henchman (M/F).

SPOT – King Rat’s henchman (M/F).

LONG JOHN TIN FOIL – head pirate (M).

2 PIRATES – crew of ship (M/F).

NATIVE – for the ‘behind you’ gag (one of chorus).

CHORUS – rats, pirates and townsfolk.



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