by Gavyn Lugsden

Captain Crabs and the Secret Island is a completely original ‘piratey’ pantomime.
Join the evil Captain Crabs and his funny side-kick Corporal Seaweed in their quest to trick the townsfolk of London into joining them on a mission to the Secret Island.
This laugh-a-minute pantomime has all the ingredients for a great tradition show, plus the added fun of plenty of slapstick and mayhem.
This script would suit medium to large groups. There are plenty of speaking parts and lots of chorus involvement.



Captain Crabs     The Pirate Baddie

Corporal Seaweed    Crabs’ Assistant

Polly Parrot      The Dame

John Borrison     The Mayor of London

Lucy      The Mayor’s Daughter

Molly      Bar Lady/Trainee Pirate

Dolly      Bar Lady/Trainee Pirate

Holly      Bar Lady/Trainee Pirate

Yo Ho      Leader of the Young Pirates 1

Ahoy      Leader of the Young Pirates 2

Shiver me’ Timbers

Pieces of Eight

Jolly Roger

Jim Lad

Climb the Riggin’

Pull the Anchor


Eye Patch

Peg Leg

Black Beard

Blue Beard

Father Christmas (White Beard)

Barrel O’Rum

Who’s a Pretty Boy Then



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