by Eddie Coleman


Jim and his wife have been coming to Mrs Daniels’ guesthouse on the Isle of Wight for many years. Jim likes to brag about his sex life, often in front of the other guests. Mrs Daniels takes it all in her stride. However, she and Jim are shocked when they discover that new arrivals, Sophie, Lucy and Peter, are not what they seem.

Sophie thinks Lucy is in love with her but Lucy and “best friend” Peter are using Sophie as a pawn in their sordid sex games. Jim befriends Sophie and by doing so, realizes that maybe the time has come for him to stop playing games and reveal the truth about his wife.

Please note – there is some language that may offend


M3 F3

Mrs Daniels, early 50’s
Jim, late 40’s
Lucy, 30’s
Sophie, 19
Peter, 30’s
Troy, 18





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