by Andy Moseley


It’s Dwight and Leanne’s 20th wedding anniversary. Their marriage has been going through a rough patch, but Dwight thinks he knows what will get the magic back – tickets for all 12 dates of an Elvis tour. His music brought them together, so what better present could there be?

The only problems are Leanne no longer loves Elvis, and today is August 16th, 1977. The King is about to leave the building for the last time.

When the news of his death breaks, Dwight and Leanne are miles away from home on an overnight stop on the way to Portland, Maine. Dwight has a little secret – the last part of his present is waiting in Portland. Leanne has a bigger secret – she was at school with The King.

Moving between 1977 and 1982 the play shows how Elvis saved a marriage?




M1 F1

Dwight Carter: a 44 year old from Memphis, with his own spare parts business, a wife and two children.

Leanne Carter: a 42 year old from Tupelo, and wife of Dwight



Are You Lonesome Tonight? was performed at Edinburgh, Buxton and Oxford Fringe in 2010, and Brighton and Camden Fringe in 2011. It received its US premiere in home of Elvis, Memphis, in September 2015, and was performed there again in August 2016.

‘A relevant look at fanaticism and the loss of one’s idols’ Three Weeks
‘The life and death of Elvis informs the drama in a fascinating way. A very interesting performance’ On the Fringe
‘Filled with wit and pathos’ Fringe Report.
‘Witty, charming and compelling.’ Love



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