The Authors

Olivia Arieti


I am Olivia Arieti, a US citizen, with a degree from the University of Pisa, and I live with my family and Pedro, my dog, in Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy. I love writing plays and have some work with Heuer Publishing, Brooklyn Publishers, Desert Road Publishing, JAC Publishing & Promotions, Green Room Press, Applause Theatre, Lazy Bee Scripts and now also with Smith Scripts! Some of my productions include FLIGHT ATP12 by Gulfport Community Players, FL, JUST FOR YOU, Blue Box Productions, NYC, CONTEMPTUOUSLY IN LOVE, Ciona Taylor Productions, NYC, one minute plays, Gi60 Screaming Media Productions NYC, UK, Spare Change Theatre, NYC and Eclectic Theatre Company, FL. UP NORTE and NIGHT INTRUDERS, were finalists in the R.J. Flores Short Play Reading Series and had staged readings in NYC while THE TEACHER, an adaptation of a short story of A. Chekhov was produced at the Viaduct Theatre, Chicago, for the Neapolitans Off-Chekhov Festival.

SOMETHING IN COMMON has been produced by Spokane Radio Theatre, WA and now I am so pleased to say that you can find it at Smith Scripts.




Erik J. Bailey

Erik J. Bailey is an American based playwright, actor, singer, director, and composer. He is currently studying theatre at Dean College, a small university in Franklin, MA USA. His plays are known for being witty, sometimes containing jokes that require some thought. Theatre is his passion and doesn’t know where he’d be if he never discovered it.

Francis Beckett

Francis Beckett is an author, journalist, playwright and contemporary historian.  Two of his plays, after successful fringe runs, are published by Samuel French; a third won the Independent Radio Drama Productions award and was broadcast by LBC.

His latest play Britain After Brexit is based on an earlier work, The London Spring, which enjoyed a successful London fringe run.

Many of his short stories are published in collections from Oxford University Press and Biteback Publishing.

His 17 non fiction books include Clem Attlee, a new edition of which is now out from Haus Publishing; What Did the Baby Boomers Ever Do For Us (Biteback, 2010); 1956, The Year That Changed Britain (Biteback, 2016); and, most recently, the semi-autobiographical Fascist in the Family (Routledge, 2016.)

He edited the 20-book series Prime Ministers of the Twentieth Century for Haus Publishing.

He has written regularly for the Guardian and the New Statesman, and frequently for many other publications, and edits Third Age Matters, the national magazine published by the University of the Third Age.






Peter Briffa

Since his debut production Night of the Fox premiered at the Lilian Baylis, Sadler’s Wells in 1966, Peter Briffa has written opinion columns for the Times and the First Post, a treatise for the think tank Civitas entitled Trust in Me: Politicians and Why We Hate Them, and nearly a thousand articles for the News of the World website on reality television. His second produced play Siren had a successful run at the Etcetera in 2010. Country Life then ran for four weeks in 2011, three of them at the Old Red Lion. Since then his latest play Man With No Ties was the joint winner of the International Playwriting Festival 2014. It remains unproduced






Kevin Broughton

I live near Oxford in the heart of England. When I was young they used to call me a daydreamer, but then I started writing down the worlds that came to life in my head.

I started writing in earnest after reading an email on a mailing list. It was from the great writer Joe Michael Straczynski( ). He explained the difference between writing for a book and writing for the screen. It was like an epiphany; I love films and television, so it was something that came naturally.  I started playwriting, and had some success in early competitions which launched me into the world of being a writer and I have been going ever since.

I don’t write in any particular genre or form; ideas come to me all the time, and I just like to go where the story takes me.  Most of the time I tend to write historical or speculative fiction.

I get a great deal of pleasure from writing and seeing the way in which directors and actors bring the words to life. I am grateful to  Smith Scripts for publishing my scripts on their website, and giving another avenue for my writing to be seen. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.

Eddie Coleman

Eddie Coleman has been writing stage plays for over 15 years.

Several of his plays have been produced by amateur drama companies across the UK and his most recent play, Idiot Spaz, was one of the ten winners in the British Theatre Challenge 2015. The play is published by Lazybee scripts –



John Collings

I am the founder of the ‘Macmillan Cancer Support Theatre Company’ (see my facebook page). I have staged all of my plays & musicals, at the Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne, to raise funds for Macmillan. I have had my plays produced in London, Brighton, Cambridge, & Manchester, But, my greatest achievement was to win the “Steyning Playwriting Festival” which was judge by Sir Arnold Wesker.







Kieron Connolly

Kieron Connolly was born in 1961. Hs novels ‘Water Sign’, ‘There is a House’ and ‘Harold’ have dealt with subjects as diverse as romance, bereavement and addiction. Although everything about the author seems rooted in Dublin – his novels, accent, comparisons with Behan and Beckett etc., his place of birth is Thurles, County Tipperary. The writer is a nephew of musician ( and former member of The Dubliners ) Bob Lynch. ‘The Book of Condolences’ was written in 2014/15, and when Vincent Smith read the script and became attached to the project as director, things took off from there ( he’d worked with the likes of Tommy Cooper and Orson Welles in seasons past ). ‘The Book’, Connolly says, is about us: humanity. Simple as.


Mark Davenport

Mark Davenport (@thepoorwriter)
Scripts: Devilish & Comical. I am a 25 year old aspiring comedy playwright. Drawing on a mixture of personal experiences and fictional situations, my mission in all cases is to make an audience laugh. In a world of advanced technology, political turmoil and crime statistics, my firm belief is that laughter is the best medicine, or at least a comforting distraction. I hope you enjoy what you read. Despite the genre, I take my writing very seriously, if you laugh, chuckle or even smirk then I’ve done my job properly. My plays have had a few outings, all well received but I’ll leave you to make your own mind up. I am not classically trained, I didn’t go to stage school. I don’t even own a laptop. Luckily, I know people that do






Carole Dhu

Carole Dhu has been active in the theatrical arena for more years than she cares to admit to, as a performer, a producer, director, vocal coach, compere, choreographer, teacher and adjudicator, as well as a couple of stints providing character voices for radio commercials.


Originally planning to produce A Characteristic Quest as a show where people licensed their own music, the offer of being able to write lyrics to brother Geri’s catchy music was instantly taken up, and the collaboration proved to be both enjoyable and productive!


The idea for this story (inspired by Carole’s love of Monty Python humour)  first popped into her head in 2002, but the writing stalled after Act One was committed to paper,  due to time constraints.  In desperation on New Years Eve 2003, she told everyone she was busy, locked the doors, drew the curtains, took the phone off the hook, turned off the mobile and by the time 2004 dawned the script was complete!


In 2006 the show was featured on local television in Western Australia and premiered successfully in a country hall.  Nine years later Carole staged it a second time in a slightly more prestigious venue where once again it was received with much enjoyment!!!!!!!.




Jonathan Edgington


Jonathan started writing after completing a two year playwriting course at Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre, under the tutelage of John Burgess (the National Theatre’s former Head of New Writing). Since then he has written 29 plays (+ some monologues and sketches) that have been performed world-wide, including far-flung places like Nigeria, Japan and Canada.

Jonathan’s one act play THREE NIL DOWN AT HALF TIME has been translated into Gaelic and French and is his most successful play to-date with 22 different productions to its credit. His short comedy BABIES was filmed in 2015.

A number of Jonathan’s plays were produced in 2016 including ITV at The Pensive Federation Theatre Company’s Significant Other Festival at The Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden; his full length version of ROBIN HOOD premiered by The Chesil Theatre Company as an open-air production in the gardens of Wolvesey Palace, Winchester; LAURA at the Chesil Theatre’s 10x10 David Bowie themed New Writing Festival in Winchester and LEGION  at The Pensive Federation’s Collective Project  at the Tristan Bates Theatre.

2017 is going well with several of Jonathan’s plays either having been produced or set for production later in the year.

More information regarding Jonathan and his plays can be found on his website:


Chrissy Evans

My background is in education but originally, I trained as an actress at the Birmingham Theatre School and set up a touring Theatre Company and also played in Summer seasons until life, and the need to make a living, intervened.

I began writing professionally in 2001.

 I first wrote and directed short films as BusPassProductions. Together with friends, I had noticed a lack of films for older audiences, despite the fact that they make up more than a third of audiences for both theatre and film. You can find these films on Vimeo and Facebook

 Then, 2 years ago, I decided to try writing for my first love – the stage. Again, aimed at an older cast and an older audience.

 This is the first play I wrote. It ran for two nights, in conjunction with another, shorter comedy. Both nights sold out.



Katherine Luna Gate

Katiuscia Cancedda is an Italian emerging playwright and screenplay writer, and writes under the pseudonym of Katherine Luna Gate.  She has been living in England for the last 20 years where she has been bringing up her two daughters Francesca and Eleonora, thanks to whom she mastered the skill of storytelling. She started writing poetry and short stories at the age of 12. She has been journaling all her life, and defines herself “a word collector”.

After many years of teaching, in 2006 she was inspired to return to her old love, the stage, studying and gaining a high grade in a Performing Arts A Level course. She started a blog when, in 2012, writing plays defined her writing style and she was ready to share her work with the world ( ) not without setbacks!

That didn’t stop Luna – as she prefers to be addressed – and she carried on writing to date, both in her first language (Italian) and in English. She has written a two-act play, two monologues, a screenplay, and several short plays. She is currently working on a new monologue and a new screenplay. Her genres vary but the theme remains the same: the Feminine in all its forms.

She is grateful to Smith Scripts for the opportunity to share her work again.






Anna Girolami


Anna Girolami writes stories, plays and screenplays. She lives and works in Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District, in the heart of England

All her work can be found on her website:







Shari Gledhill

I am a primary school teacher with a passion for playwriting. I am proud to part of a local drama group called Bananadrama. We focus on producing original pieces of writing and have had great success at drama festivals throughout the north east region. We also have mounted many local productions showcasing our work. We regularly meet to read and discuss new material. We have also produced a film and several radio plays. As a teacher, I also run drama workshops for children and have written and produced many plays for young people. I am currently writing a four part script for television, adapted from one of my plays.






Valerie Goodwin

Valerie Goodwin , author of ‘The Magdalen Whitewash’ has been a Drama teacher, playwright and director for over 35 years.

Now the founder of the Bridport Shakespeare Company , Valerie took her play ‘Love, Marilyn’ to Edinburgh fringe  and has been onstage
at the Globe for her MA in Staging Shakespeare.

Valerie started writing plays as she needed a good vehicle for her young cast for Frankenstein, and had to write one that suited a large
cast  but was a close adaptation of the book It has a single set:the attic of the chateau , 100 years after 1817. Complete with
skeletons, dust, cobwebs and brains in jars ( we had great fun making those brains)

Valerie loves all aspects of am dram and youth groups and has written ‘The Giggleswick players do full frontal’ as a semi autobio’ of her
years in village halls!

Evan Guilford-Blake

Evan Guilford-Blake writes plays, prose and poetry for adults and children. His plays have been performed internationally and won 44 playwriting competitions, including the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival competition, twice. He is the only playwright to have been so honored. Thirty-six of his scripts are published.
Evan’s published prose includes the novel The Bluebird Prince for middle-grade students (and their parents), adapted from his award-winning play; the adult novel Animation; and the award-winning short story collection American Blues (all available on Amazon and other e-retail sites), as well as the chapbook In the Realms of Light and Darkness. His work has also appeared in more than 70 journals, podcasts and anthologies, winning 24 awards and garnering two Pushcart Prize nominations.
 He has taught playwriting and fiction at several venues. He and his wife (and inspiration) Roxanna, a healthcare writer and jewelry designer, live in the southeastern US

Steve Harper

Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in one of my plays. My name
is Steve Harper and I am living happily ever after in Norfolk. I am
married to Judy who has been the love of my life and the voice of
reason that has kept me out of trouble, ( mostly), for the past 46
years. I was a manager for B.T, where I spent my days changing from an
engineer who dealt with electricity, into a cleric who didn’t. Years
and years of college education became redundant when we took on fiber
optical technology and used light instead. I then wrote reams of
technical stuff about it, until I took early retirement and joined an
Am Dram group in Downham Market. They had a pantomime writing
competition which much to everyone’s surprise I won. Well I later found
out I was the only entry, but I did get to have a baptism of fire by
being made to produce it…..I was a directorial virgin. The panto had
I believe 5 Acts and 27 scenes.I can only apologize to the cast and
crew who got me through it…. I got better, trust me !
My batting record so far is quite good, I have entered 12 play writing
competitions, and won 12.
I suppose I should quit while I’m ahead, but hell, I like writing.
Samuel French have been very kind and published some of my plays, I am
apparently big in Bulgaria this year. My latest success was to win the
Isle of Man “Theatrefest 15” competition, which means my play will be
premiered this September on the I.O.M. I hope you enjoy my plays, many
thanks for looking. Steve


Richard Hills

I joined my local Operatic and Dramatic Society at the age of twenty. In over sixty years in the Society, I directed thirteen plays and acted in one hundred and forty Pantomimes, Musicals and plays, playing small character parts.

I started writing shows and ended up with fifty-three Pantomimes and Plays. I am now on the world list of Professional Playwrights with Pantomimes going on in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Shetland Islands and Australia.

I have now had Plays going on in England, Wales, France, Spain, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Alaska.





D Brent Holland

My name is Brent Holland and I teach High School Theatre at Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina.  I have been writing shows for my honors class for the past four years and I have found it to be a very rewarding experience. 

When not at work directing shows, I am often at my karate dojo I co-own with my older brother ( where I am a 6th degree black belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate. I play guitar and bass, have a beautiful wife Aubrey and a seven year old son, Rhett. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about one of my shows as I would be more than happy to help in any way!

Les Jamieson


I was born in Chelmsford and moved to Nottingham where I trained as an English and Drama teacher. Spent the next 25 years in the Notts / Derby area; acted with a few companies, wrote scripts for school use and climbed, surprisingly, the professional greasy pole and became Head teacher of a city centre school in Derby.

Just under 20 years ago I moved to Cyprus to become Head of a school on a British base. I’ve retired now and live near Larnaca with my wife Mo, three cats and a demanding garden.





Dave Jeanes

Born in Dorset in 1960, I have been writing ever since I found out how.

My first love was music. Check me out here:

Lately, I have turned my attention to Pantomimes and currently have ten, published by LazyBee Scripts.

 There are several other comedies too and three novels; available on Amazon, etc. Or direct from





Joe Laredo

I’ve been writing for a long time – all sorts of things: books about France, articles on music, short stories, poems, translations, screenplays and, of course, plays.
The screenplays range from science-fiction to biopic to rom com.
The plays are just as varied, but when it comes down to it, they’re about ordinary people and the extraordinary things they do to each other in order to get what they want, to defend their vulnerable space in the world or to shore up their fragile self-esteem. Or all of those.
We all do such things, though we may not be aware of it.
And if the people who watch my plays recognize bits of themselves or of others in my characters and how they behave, and if they go home with an uncomfortable feeling that they should do something to change their own or other people’s characters or behaviour, I will have succeeded in what I set out to do.
I will have done something, however insignificant, to improve the world.

Samantha Lierens

Hello, I’m Sam and I’m really proud to have two pantomimes here at Smiths Scripts.

Why Pantomime? I hear you ask. (Oh no you didn’t?)

Well it all began when a producer who knew that I loved writing asked if I would write a pantomime for an exciting community production she was putting on that Christmas.

At first, I was reluctant, because although I have always loved the spirit and exuberance of pantomime, there were a few things that I wasn’t so keen on…Happily, the producer agreed that she was looking for something a bit more radical than the usual:  something contemporary, something non-sexist, something with lots of modern music and something with plenty of local appeal. And so …our dear Cinderella was born. Our heroine isn’t looking for a Prince to save her, she’s a feisty, smart businesswoman. It’s still very funny though, chock full of corny jokes – and it was a sell-out.  (Oh, yes it was)

The following year, we did Snow White. No longer is this a story about passive ladies hoping to be the best looking of them all, but one in which just about everyone gets to show off their musical talents…

We enjoyed it, our audiences enjoyed it – I hope you and your audiences will too.

Do let me know what you think: or @samlierens



Gavyn Lugsden

Gavyn Lugsden (42) lives in Bedfordshire with his wife and 3 children. He worked as a Redcoat at Butlin’s Bognor Regis from 1995 – 97, and then left to become a childrens entertainer and Drama teacher.
In 2010 he founded the Curtain Call Theatre Group and Youth Theatre.
Gavyn has written a range of scripts from one act plays and sketches, to family Pantomimes. He has won several awards for his works including ‘Best Comedy Scene’ (Jack and the Beanstalk), ‘Best Regional Pantomime’ (Dick Whittington) and ‘Best original script’ (Captain Crabs and the Secret Island).
The feedback from Gavyn’s works has always been very positive. Not only does the script read well and use ‘natural language’ but also has no ‘boring bits’! The plays and pantomimes are always fast paced and laugh-a-minute…!
Gavyn is also available for help and advice with any script purchased and can be contacted direct at



Gurmeet Mattu

Gurmeet Mattu is a Scots writer of Indian descent. His first full length stage play, in 1984, was CITIZEN SINGH, followed by EVERY BLOODY SUNDAY, SIEGE MENTALITY, COWBOYS & INDIANS, MSSIAH, WINDAE HINGIN’ and THE GHOSTS OF GLASGOW. He has also written the shorter pieces, THE STORMER and THE GIFTIE GI’EN US for 7:84 Theatre Company. For BBC Radio he has written SICK AS A PARROT, THE FLIRT, THESE MAGIC WORDS and SHOULDERS as well as sitcom pilots, COCONUTS and DOC for BBC TV.

He is also a winner of the Scottish Screen/DNA films First Draft Award.

He is currently the Artistic Director of the Yorkhill Theatre Group in Glasgow.

Andy Moseley

Andy Moseley is a playwright and founder member of NoLogoProductions. His plays include Are You Lonesome Tonight? A Bridge Game Too Far (winner of the Roy Purdue New Writing Trophy, Orange Tree Theatre 2011) After We Danced, Boxes, Casual Encounters, Going For Gold and Heart Shaped Box. His first book, Around the States in 90 Days was published in 2009. His website is NoLogoProductions website is

Debbie Nagioff

Debbie Nagioff has worked as a freelance radio journalist and broadcaster for BBC Schools Radio, the World Service, Three Counties Radio, Jnet Radio and Vibe 1076 Watford.

In addition she has written articles for Soul and Spirit Magazine, and published books – “The Twin Flame and Other Soul Mate Connections”, “Familiar Strangers – Soul Mates, Twin Flames and their Astrological Synastry”, “The Global New Age Directory 2016 and 2017” (and their spin-offs). 

She has also written several children’s books, originally penned when her son was about 4 years old.

Debbie has written screenplays, dramas, sitcoms, short plays and sketches, some of which she has had formally read at Player Playwrights.






Denise O’Leary


I am a published poet and award winning playwright whose work has been performed both in New York and London.   The daughter of an Irish immigrant father and English mother, I won my first prize for writing aged 7.  I went on to study journalism and, as a recent mature student, gained a 1st Class Honours degree in Creative Writing. Pandora’s Boxes was first broadcast on Resonance FM and was adapted for stage at the Camden Fringe Festival.  From there, it transferred, by invitation, to enjoy a three week run at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London.  Critics compared my writing to Beckett and Gogol – praise indeed!

I’ve travelled extensively and enjoyed the hospitality of strangers from Key West to Kashmir.  This play was inspired by my solo journey through India.  My most recent odyssey to Latin America is recounted in my travel book; Footloose & Fearless @ Fifty +.

It is now my pleasure to see Pandora’s Boxes available for all at Smith’s Scripts.





Kathy Rucker

Kathy Rucker is a past member of the San Francisco Bay Area theatre company, Playground.  Her first play, Beautiful Scar, was a finalist for the Heideman Award at the Humana Festival Ten-Minute Play Contest.  Her next play, Chop Shop, earned her an invitation to the Sewanee Writers Conference where she developed the work with playwrights Romulus Linney and Dan O’Brien.  Ms. Rucker’s play, Turing Tested, was selected for participation in the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska, as was Sultan’s Battery, which was also selected for the Great Plains Theatre Conference and was a finalist in the New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest.  The play was also nominated for the London Fringe Festival Theatre Writing Award and had its world premier in 2010 in Los Angeles, produced by the Fresh Baked Theatre Company.  In 2013 her play, Done There, Been That, was produced at the Bierkeller Theatre in Bristol, England, directed by Natasha Harper-Smith.  Crystal Springs was produced in 2014 at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco, directed by 2013 Bruntwood Prize Winner, Anna Jordan. Also in 2014, Crystal Springs was produced at the Park Theatre in London, UK, directed by Jemma Gross. In 2016 Crystal Springs will be produced at the (ITCH) Theatre in Tempe, Arizona. Ms. Rucker’s most recent play, Kadupul, had a reading with the Core Artists Ensemble in New York City in the summer of 2016, directed by Rachel Casparian.

Ms. Rucker is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Jane Sunderland

Jane Sunderland has moved from academic writing to playwriting. She is particularly interested in writing plays based on real people (especially women) and actual events, and the issues surrounding such writing. She has an MSc in Playwriting from Edinburgh University



Ian Watson

Ian writes comedy drama. Be it short screenplays, long screenplays, plays, musicals, sketches, even the occasional novel. He has had varying degrees of success from a West End run to BBC radio broadcasts and various bits used by others in everything from stand-up to monologues for auditions. He’s even written radio and TV commercials. He has a website and he’s 47… and used to be a northerner but dropped all that when he couldn’t afford the membership fees.